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The Grosse Pointe Artists Association has been showcasing art for over 75 years.

We schedule monthly exhibitions, offer classes and workshops, participate in local events, and look for new opportunities to merge creativity with the community.

Exploring art and talent alike, the Grosse Pointe Artists Association welcomes all!

Mission & Vision

The Grosse Pointe Artist Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting artistic talent and art education through the actions and participation of a diverse membership. The GPAA is committed to show casing a wide range of artistic styles and media through various community outreach activities, including exhibitions, lectures, and art classes. It is devoted to continuing its legacy of support for the arts by maintaining and operating space located at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial.
The Grosse Pointe Artist Association envisions working with individuals and organizations to cultivate an environment which stimulates, encourages, and promotes artistic interest and talent in all of the arts.

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Grosse Pointe Artists Association—Board of Directors—2015-2016

Karen Pope
Pete Gargasoluas
J. Brian Satterfield
(Recording Secretary)

Scott Brown
Kimberly Conely
Jack Frakes
Jim Gilmore

Nina Goebel

Kenneth Miller
Carol O’Donnell

Missy Rancilio
Leslie Rentschler

Wendy Schmidt
Stan Victor
Lynne Williams
Kathy Young

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If you would like to come to some of our events, please visit our Upcoming Events page. Information on current and upcoming events, along with all other details, can be found here.

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Support through donations is greatly appreciated and goes towards our not-for-profit organization. Any donations made are tax deductible. For more details on how to donate, please click here.


The Grosse Pointe Artists Association is honored to serve the Grosse Pointe art community. We offer membership to all art admirers and working artists over 18 years of age. If you’d like to know more about how to get involved or submit artwork, please visit us at the our location in the Grosse Pointe War Memorial.  You can also learn more about exhibitions, classes and membership on this website.

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If you would like to take some classes or come to our workshops, please visit our Classes & Workshops page. Information on which classes and workshops are offered can be found here.


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