Our Rivers, Our Lakes

June 19 – August 4,  2019


Nankin Lake, After the Storm by Donald Cronkhite

Dimensions: 31.5in x 43.5in
Material: oil on linen

The juror pointed out that Donald captured this scene in a brief moment in between storms on a lake in Livonia. “Who knew something like this was in Livonia? When I think of Livonia, I think Walmart,” he said with a smile. The piece deftly captures a fleeting moment in time, while evoking emotion and stirring the imagination. 


Two Cracks of Light by Marcia McMillen

Dimensions: 36in x 36in
Material: acrylic on canvas

The juror praised this work for its fluid movement, translucency and materiality. “You can just see the light breaking through,” he said.


A Rite of Passage: Father and Daughter on Mackinac Island by Saralee Howard

Dimensions: 24in x 36in
Material: acrylic

The juror said he kept going back to this piece because there was so much to see. The father and daughter create a rite of passage as the baby visits Mackinac for the first time. In the middle ground is a statue of Pere Marquette, the French Jesuit missionary who founded Michigan's first European settlement and later explored the upper Mississippi River. In the background there is a freighter passing from Lake Huron into Lake Michigan.



Suspensions #10b by Chris Myhr

Dimensions: 42in x 42in
Material: archival inkjet print on aluminum panel

This is a sample of toxic blue green algae collected from Lake Ontario and photographed through a microscope. The judge pointed out that this takes the viewer deeper into the study of water, then joked that he also liked it’s circular presentation, saying: “I haven’t even tried a circular canvas. The prospect scares me.”



Merge into Water by Lulu Zheng

Dimensions: 50in x 30in
Material: charcoal and acrylic on canvas

The juror praised Lulu’s “great use of charcoal and paint” to create the water and pointed out the definition of the swimmer’s legs that are outside of the water and the “distortion” of the rest of her body that is seen through the water.


People Stories

May 8 – June 16, 2019

Thirty artists from five states share visual stories about what it means to be human.

Visitors young and old are finding pieces that bring tears, smiles and memories.

Show runs thru June 16 open everyday 9am - 6pm

A juror lecture and awards presentation with Melissa Jones was held at 2 pm on Sunday, May 19 in the Art Studio at The War Memorial, 32 Lake Shore Dr., Grosse Pointe Farms.

Awards & Honorable Mentions:

First Place 

Bruce Giffin - Bill and His Chihuahuas

 "Bill is clearly a man who has seen some tough times in his life, but the joy on his face as he looks at his beloved dogs captures the indomitable human spirit and the power of love. There is a light and a humanity shining through this image that I think everyone can relate to and connect with." - People Stories Juror Melissa Jones

Second Place

Cathryn Amidei - Considering the Assets

"It speaks to me about what is timeless and universal about being a girl. The title, Considering the Assets, could imply that being a girl is being taught that your value will be judged largely on your physical attractiveness. Or perhaps conversely it relays the message that two strong hands and feet are all the assets you need." - People Stories Juror Melissa Jones


Third Place

Paula Zammit - The Alarmist

 " This painting brought up a lot of questions! Is that baby falling or flying? Is that dog about to attack the viewer? Why is there smoke in the background? And what is the main figure looking at through her lens that is more interesting than what is going on behind her?" - People Stories Juror Melissa Jones 

Honorable Mentions

Claudia Hershman - GOSSIP

"With simple and abstract shapes and colors she manages to tell a vivid and clear 'people story' that we can all recognize and relate to." - People Stories Juror Melissa Jones


James Ritchie - BURGERS

" This is a technically and visually amazing image and that's before you even look at the emotional content to consider the stories of the people inside the diner, which adds an entirely new layer of interest and intrigue." - People Stories Juror Melissa Jones 


Larry Zeb- Forgotten Summer

" Larry is a master at using a combination of texture and image to evoke a feeling of nostalgia." - People Stories Juror Melissa Jones 


Fran Seikaly - Yve and Amy

"This portrait captures a very tender and intimate moment with great authenticity, skill and beauty." - People Stories Juror Melissa Jones 


Krysti Spence - Soundcheck at Trinosophes 

"This is a tiny but gorgeous little painting. It is loose and painterly and her use of contrasting lights and darks creates an evocative mood of mystery." - People Stories Juror Melissa Jones